I was born in Milan.
After graduating from high school and many job experiences as metalworker, warehouseman and fireman I quit and I bought a second hand Minolta camera and a Durst enlarger and approached self-taught photography, Coming soon to print in black and white for many photographers and private shops.
In the same period I started working on the first still-life photo shoots, furnishings, interiors and fashion, collaborating over time with many photographers as   Michel Comte, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Alistair Taylor Young, Andrea Zani, Dean Kaufman, Emilio Tini and Phil Poynter as first lighting assistant and then digital operator for catalogues and advertising campaigns.
In 2006 I started with my first video footage in theater, video clips and short films.
As cinematographer in 2008 I shot my first TV commercial and in 2011 my first feature film on the movie theatre.
Today I work as cinematographer mainly in advertising with sporadic forays into cinema.
Until today I have collaborated with the following directors: Giovanni Bedeschi, Fausto Caviglia, Andrea Cecchi, Marco Cella, Giacomo De Mas, Alessandro De Leo, Franco Di Pietro, Es.poire, Giovanni Esposito, Lorenzo Francini, Claudio Gallinella, Cristiano Gazzarini, Jesus Garces Lambert, Mattia Lunardi, Wayne Holloway, Edo Lugari, Paolo Marescotti, Nicola Martini, Veronica Mengoli, Giovanni Fantoni Modena, Flavio Nani, Stefano Moro, Luca Paolassini, Alessia Petta, Gigi Piola, Tommaso Pitta, Alberto Poli, Ben Rayner, Nicola Schito, Luca Tartaglia, Daniele Testi and William9.

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